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Cancellation/Refund Policy and Waiting List Policy

Cancellation/Refund Policies

To withdraw from an activity, participants (caregivers, if registered participant is a child/minor) must notify the Department Office (518-761-8216) at least 48 hours prior to the start of the program to receive a refund. A cancellation fee of $5 per person, per program will be deducted from the refund. Your refund may be applied to your household as a credit, with no cancellation fee.
  • Once a program or activity has begun, a pro-rated refund (for services used) will only be issued to individuals who are unable to participate because of medical circumstances (i.e. an illness or injury). A $5.00 refund processing fee will be deducted from the total refund.
  • For individual programs costing over $200 (with the exception of Q-Club), a higher cancellation fee may apply. See specific programs for details.

Waiting List Policies

After being entered on a waiting list, and if an opening becomes available, or additional classes/times are created, you will be contacted by phone.
The department will follow the guidelines listed below when contacting wait list individuals.
  • If it is necessary to leave a message on your answering machine, you will have until the close of business on the day following our call to contact us.
  • Once you contact the department and are advised of additional classes, you will have until the close of business on the day following that communication to pay for that class.
  • If you fail to either contact the department (#1 above) or pay for your selection, within the time allotted (#2 above), you will be passed over on the waiting list.

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